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Raised in England, Gemma learned to play piano at a young age. She discovered her love of music at The University of West London - London College of Music. After completing several graded level performances, she started her professional life and continued teaching piano.

After moving to America and starting a family, Gemma ‘s love for music continues to grow. With over thirteen years of teaching piano lessons... She loves to teach and develop her students' natural music abilities.

“My goals are to foster a love of music with all of my students through mastery, excellence and fun! I accomplish this by including time in each lesson to improvise, create, or teach music of their interests. It is very important to me that my students look forward to our lessons and the development of their talent. ”

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Parent Testimonial

Gemma Bradley teaches my 14 yr old son and my 16 year old daughter,  the piano.  We have had several piano teachers in the past, trying to find a perfect fit.  We found her.  Gemma is fantastic with both of my kids.  They learn on different levels.   They have different music interests. They have different attention spans. She is attentive,  patient, flexible, kind, and direct when needed.  Both of them love and appreciate her ability to hear them and where they are.  Neither of them would be playing right now,  if it weren't for her.  

—  Kelly,R.

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